In conjunction with Cascade, Stark is partnering with Rally.io to launch the $STARK coin, a social token that promotes community involvement in the artist’s vibrant pursuits. Powered by the ethereum blockchain, Rally.io is an open network dedicated to fostering vibrant independent economies between creatives and fans. Holders of $STARK coin will have exclusive access to tiered benefits including a gated Discord community, custom social media avatar, virtual studio visits, and the ability to purchase limited edition prints. The more $STARK coin you own, the greater your access to the artist’s colorful world.

How to acquire $STARK

$STARK coins can be purchased with a debit or credit card, cryptocurrency or by converting, Rally’s default currency, Rally tokens ($RLY), into $STARK coin. The open, decentralized Rally network is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. $STARK coin is created on the Rally sidechain, which means it can be exchanged for its default currency, Rally tokens ($RLY) and vice versa. When exchanging cryptocurrency to Fiat, such as USD, additional fees may be charged for each conversion.

Step 1: Create/Log into a Rally account
Step 2: Visit the $STARK page
Step 3: Tap Buy
Step 4: Choose Cryptocurrency, Debit or Credit Card
Step 5: Complete Transaction