CASCADE: An interactive art experience by Jen Stark

In her most ambitious project to date, Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark harnesses the intricate systems of the natural world to bring tranquility to chaos. With the premiere of Cascade: A Jen Stark Experience comes 6,000 square feet of interactive projections, paintings, sculptures, and 3-D mapped environments. As visitors enter the six-room installation, they are invited to activate Stark’s universe. Surrounded by tantalizing visual effects and waves of sound, the viewer is propelled through an infinite portal of color and light. All at once, they’ll find themselves transfixed under a psychedelic rainfall, hypnotized by intricate mandalas careening through space.

Drawing from the fields of math and science, Stark harnesses her aesthetic to transform complex ideas into approachable and engaging works of art. Cascade is a sensory symphony of technological and human collaboration, one rooted in spontaneity and the adventure of the unknown. Stark’s undulating and kaleidoscopic environments adopt cutting-edge techniques to showcase the artist’s signature drips, cascades, and otherworldly forms in a new light. In order to bring her psychedelic visions to life, Stark collaborated with highly skilled technologists, animators, and sound engineers, including CutMod, Christopher Rutledge, TJ Pulliam, Jamie Vance, David Lewandowski, and Charlie Scovill.

While enraptured by the mysteries of the natural world, Stark draws correlations between intrinsic and applied sciences, often introducing techniques and media at the forefront of technological advances. Recently included on Fortune’s “NFTy 50” list of the most influential creators working with non-fungible tokens, Stark plans to offer Cascade’s corresponding animations as NFTs.

Often informed by her interest in optical illusion, fractals, the Fibonacci sequence, and Riemannian geometry, Jen Stark’s visual explorations are characteristically rich with vibrant color and mesmerizing patterns. From animations and installations, to interactive projections and NFTs, the impact of Cascade is in constant evolution, allowing digital assets to adopt the properties of organic matter. The simultaneously humbling and empowering nature of Stark’s exhibition pays homage to the infinite possibilities swirling around us. Each body, each footstep, each touch breathes life into the digital realm, a symbiosis that blurs the lines between the viewer and the art form.

Over the course of her career, Jen Stark’s work has been exhibited globally, with major shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Thailand, and Canada. The Los Angeles-based, mixed-media artist has created public art installations and murals for Facebook, Sweetgreen, citizenM hotel, Miami International Airport, and Hard Rock Stadium. Additionally, Stark is known for her artwork in the MTV’s 2015 Video Music Awards hosted by Miley Cyrus and her collaborations with companies such as Google, Vans, Smashbox, and Las Jaras Wines.

Cascade is produced by AMP in association with United Talent Agency and Joshua Liner Projects.