Extended through 7 November, the immersive exhibition Cascade: A Jen Stark Experience populates 6,000 square feet of space at Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s The William Vale with swirling rainbow patterns, charming projection-mapped icons, dripping and drizzling digital walls and so much more.

Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark recently opened a pop-up exhibition in Brooklyn.

Set on the premises of the William Vale hotel Williamsburg, her digital exhibition, called Cascade, is on view now until October 24.

Using augmented reality and projection mapping, the Los Angeles artist envelops the William Vale with bursts of her signature kaleidoscopic visuals that at once tantalize, disorient, and enthrall.

New York brand Armitron has partnered with LA-based multi-media artist Jen Stark for a colourful new watch collection, with eight one-of-a-kind watches and a selection of cheerfully bright Apple Watch bands drawn in vibrant and vivid detail.

An immersive experience by multimedia artist Jen Stark is coming to Williamsburg. From September 17 through October 24, visitors can experience Stark’s colorful dreamworld Cascade through interactive mind-bending projections…

In the spring of 2021, Jen Stark made her debut by setting records with the sale of her kaleidoscopic animation, Multiverse. The piece was collected by 3FMusic for 150ETH ($343,000 USD), which made Stark the first female artist to enter Foundation’s top 10 selling creators.

Jen Stark is always about creating a transport to another dimension. Her murals were bright, psychedelic escapes, her sculptures portals to another world and her paintings like drippy extracts of a mushroom trip.

Enter a trippy world at “Cascade,” an interactive dreamworld of hypnotic projections, mind-bending paintings, and transformative patterns. In her most ambitious project to date, Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark harnesses the intricate systems of the natural world to bring tranquility to chaos.