Cosmos (Micro & Macro)

60 nfts total
12 nfts per week: 11 micro & 1 macro
5 week launch (Ends Oct 27th)
Artwork by Jen Stark
Animation and Sound by CutMod
The Cosmos collection is inspired by a room in Stark’s immersive exhibition, Cascade. For Cosmos, she selected unique elements from this room, and transformed them into a collection of intergalactic singular works. Each shape in this series emits a symphony of unique tones and is inspired by the flow of the universe.

Drip Cascade, 2021

Artwork by Jen Stark
Animation by David Lewandowski
Sound by Charlie Scovill
Run time: 36 sec
A psychedelic waterfall of colors and patterns ooze down in Stark’s signature style. Inspired by the fabric of the universe and the spiritual realm of the natural world. The result is like a psychedelic camouflage, transporting the viewer to an interdimensional plane.

Portal, 2021

Artwork by Jen Stark
Animation by TJ Pulliam
Sound by Jamie Vance
Run Time: 1 min 33 sec
Inspired by enigmatic black holes, Portal creates the sensation of flying inside a spinning vortex and entering another dimension. In addition to space and time travel, Portal indirectly references geological formations, topographical maps, and patterns in evolution.

Kaleidoscopic Waterfall, 2021

Artwork by Jen Stark
Animation by Christopher Rutledge
Sound by Jamie Vance
Run Time: 1 min 15 sec
Inspired by sacred geometry, this study concludes with the puddle morphing into kaleidoscopic mandalas straight out of a hallucination. Stark explores what happens to a liquified pattern when it slides, swirls, and congeals into an amorphous blob.